Development of Kiasar Extended

This level purpose is to expand the already great map Kiasar Railroad but giving it a new twist, we're doing it under the premise to be playable as a Battle Royale map.

To build this map I had to use the MapEditor mod, at the time of making this level, the tool was still on development so I couldnt use many stuff which a normal engine would offer me like terrain editor, ability to place sounds and FX natively (actually done with EffectBlueprint and EffectManager), scalable assets keeping it's collision and many more stuff.

Designing the map

In the DLC End Game, map's max size before falling to the void are 6x6km2, what players would play in this version would be around 2,5x2,5km2.

Vanilla offers 0,6x,6km2 map's size, I had to think really well each zone's purpose and distances so players wouldn't get bored of traveling such big distances.

The first step was to take a look what the terrain was already offering, I saw a lot of interesting areas that could lead into good fights once the level would be finished so after that I started to think about the map's layout.

Players can actually go further beyond the "virtual" out of bounds, but circle will catch them before they reach that point.

The final circle will always close outside the ocean, so don't mind trying to explore all the areas you can before it closes.

Original Out of Bounds area from Vanilla map in red as comparison.
Original Out of Bounds area from Vanilla map in red as comparison.


New zone: Lookout

Lookout is the constructed highest point in the map, from here you can actually see the whole map and its surroundings.

New zone: Lookout

Ghost Town

New zone: Ghost Town

The village has been habited in the past, now it is a ghost town due the lack of resources, expect to find plenty of loot here.

New zone: Ghost Town


Harbour is the naval military point of Kiasar, you might expect to find a merchant in a future update here.

New zone: HarbourNew zone: Harbour

Vehicle Graveyard

New zone: Vehicle Graveyard

Years ago this was a concurred vehicle graveyard, as years pased and the resources decreased, it ended being abandoned aswell.

New zone: Vehicle GraveyardNew zone: Vehicle Graveyard

Timber Mill Area

In this area is where most of the timber is stored, timber piles, pallets and even containers with more inside. This area is still work in progress.

New zone: Timber Mill AreaNew zone: Timber Mill Area

Other areas

You might want to explore the whole map instead of focusing your efforts on the main zones, you might end finding interesting things you didn't expect.

New zoneNew zoneNew zoneNew zoneNew zoneNew zoneNew zoneNew zoneNew zoneNew zone